Threat to the Feywild


As we headed north, we came across the small town of Jessiff. It was starting to get dark and there was no one outside. We identified the largest building and stepped inside. We were greeted by several of the locals, one of whom identified himself as the recognized leader of Jessiff. We talked to him breifly about the priestess and he told us she had indeed been there but he had not seen her for several days. He advised us not to venture out at night and invited us to stay the night in the Town Hall.

We were awoken by screams coming from outside. We stepped outside and were met by Kobolds and large rats trying to drag villagers away into the darkness. Faolan did some crazy acrobatics up on the roofs of some of the buildings. Saved a kid. etc.

kill em all

In the morning, we continue north and find a cave.



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