Threat to the Feywild

Spider cave

Merric returns to Hillcrest with a human fighter named Aeson Darton who helped defend the halfling village from goblins.

Merric, upon seeing the slayed halflings who defended Hillcrest from the Gobling horde, wishes to return his dead kinsmen back to their village in order to bury them properly. We loaded up the cart the haflings had brought with them and set out towards the halfling village, leaving Elyria behind to aid in the recovery of the wounded.

On our way we heard sounds of a crying boy and approached with caution and discovered it was indeed a small child. We gathered from the boy that his name was David and that his father had been kidnapped by a few white skinny monster things. Aeson, removing his armor, returned the boy back to the village in order to ensure his safety. Having returned, we debated where to go next. We could try to retrieve the boys father, or continue returning the dead halflings back to their village.

We decided to split up. Merric and Aeson would return the Halflings to their village while Faolan and Yohan tried to find the cave where David’s father presumably was taken.

Having found the cave and successfully sneaking past a few undead skeletons, Faolan and Yohan were about to enter the cave when Merric and Aeson showed up, alerting the Undead of our presence. We quickly felled the undead and proceeded into the cave.

It was dark and Yohan was pleased to finally be able to cast Light, illuminating most ot the interior of the cave. As we proceeded forward and moved the light further into the cave, we encountered several large rats and another skeleton.

Yohan’s Flaming Burst took out the rats, and we then proceeded forward, through a narrow passage. When we moved the light into the next room, Faolan noticed a huge spider which gave us a bit of trouble. Yohan, moved away from the spider, moving the light beside him at which point, he saw yet another spider.

Eventually, we managed to dispose of both spiders. In the interior of the cave, we came upon a corpse, which we all assumed was David’s father. In another room of the cave, there was a spring that gave everyone 5 temporary HP and we attempted to revive the human corpse by submerging him in the spring…to no avail.



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