Threat to the Feywild

To Avramdul

With Jarnkel deceased, we find several pages written in a strange script. With nothing left for us to do in the manor, we head back to Hillcrest where Yohan spends most of the evening deciphering the document.

At day break, Yohan shares what appears to be pages from Jarnkel’s diary. Within the pages there is mention of a priestess in the city of Avramdul. After a short discussion, we all agree that heading to Avramdul is our best course of action and set out immediately.

As we enter the city gates, we become witness to a huge celebration taking place. There is excessive amounts of merrymaking and Elyria pulls one of the wornsfolk aside to inquire about the commotion. Apparently the governor of Avramdul has just been married and everyone is celebrating.

We make our way to one of the inns and procure for ourselves a few drinks and a night’s rest. In the morning, we make our way to the temple of the Raven Queen to seek out the priestess only to discover she is currently on a mission to the north. We once again, set out.



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